Platinum™ Spa Series - Hot Tubs Plus of Bakersfield

Platinum™ Spa Series

Luxury and therapy right at your fingertips.

Platinum™ SPAS

Platinum™ Spas promote an accelerated spa hydrotherapy experience: blood circulation increases, immune response improves, and toxins are removed from the body. Experience relief from muscle pains, stiffness and symptoms of daily stress. Elevate your physical and mental well-being with a beautifully refined Platinum™ Spa.

Platinum™ Plus SPAS

Platinum™ Plus is our flagship spa line. Platinum™ Plus Spas takes our spas to a new level of hydrotherapy. Each Platinum™ Plus Spa is designed by you. You decide the jet options for your personalized therapy sessions. Platinum™ Plus Spas are designed to meet your specific needs and target the muscles and joints. Improve your quality of life with a Platinum™ Plus Spa.

Hot Tubs Plus

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